Unified Field Theory


Ascension through the unified field

During the past quarter century, modern physics has explored progressively more fundamental levels of nature’s functioning at the atomic, nuclear and sub-nuclear scales, culminating in the recent discovery of the Unified Field—a single, universal field of nature’s intelligence and consciousness (see Unified field of consciousness video, pt 2,3,4,5)( see The Primacy of Consciousness video, pt 2,3,4,5,6,7 ) (see The God Theory video) at the foundation of the universe.

This Unified Field, or “E8xE8 superstring field,” is the crowning achievement of fifty years of advanced research in quantum gravity theory, and is expressed most concisely in the following, compact Lagrangian, (see below) or “super-formula,” presented, for simplicity, in the super-conformal gauge.

This Unified Field is the unified source of all the diverse laws of nature governing the universe. All the laws of physics, physiology, chemistry, and all the physical sciences can be rigorously derived from the Lagrangian equation below. This derivation begins with the Fock Space Representation Equation (see below) broken into 7 spaces down to the Planck scale.

This equation first identifies the massless modes of the superstring with specific forces and particles (i.e., the gravitational vielbein eim, gravitino ym, spin-1 gauge forces Am, spin-½ fermions l, etc.). It then derives their effective 10-dimensional N=1 super-gravity Lagrangian L10 by examining the dependence of the superstring action (perturbatively derived as a sum over world sheet topologies Sg) on these massless string modes (eim, etc.), introduced as background fields.

 After a subsequent space-time super-compactification from 10 (see Tree of Life) to 4 (see cardinal points) dimensions, the resulting super gravity Lagrangian L4 governs the whole field of expressed, macroscopic physics above the Planck scale—and thus indirectly, the whole of chemistry, physiology, and all the physical and biological sciences.

The Unified Field thus provides the long-sought, mathematically rigorous, interdisciplinary foundation for all the sciences, and for the whole field of academic study. Throughout this century, numerous scientists and scholars have commented on the surprising degree to which the natural laws governing the universe are reflected in the human physiology — how the human body, as microcosm, mirrors the structure of the cosmos, or macrocosm. The laws of classical mechanics, fluid dynamics, and chemistry permeate the physiology. The whole of atomic physics — the entire periodic table of elements — is contained within the human body, where even the rare earth elements play a role in proper physiological functioning. And the body, with its daily and seasonal “circadian rhythms,” mirrors the celestial movements of the earth and moon.

Only since the advent of quantum mechanics, ( see Quantum Communication video 1-16 ) however, are we starting to realize the truly profound, detailed structural correspondence between the human body — and the human mind in particular — and the deepest laws of nature governing the universe.

Firstly, quantum mechanics reveals that the universe — like the human species — has an outer “body” and an inner “mind.” The outer body is the macroscopic, material world, which has been the subject of over 300 years of scientific investigation by classical mechanics and thermodynamics. The inner reality behind this outer expression — the

man behind the machine — is the abstract world of quantum mechanics. This world, with all its quirky and enigmatic behavior, thrusts itself upon scientists in their efforts to understand the microscopic realm of atoms and subatomic particles.

In probing nature’s inner core, in attempting to isolate and analyze the elementary particles — the ultimate material building blocks of the universe — scientists discovered that this inner “core” was surprisingly soft. The elementary particles were not particles, but non-material, wholly conceptual entities. The quantum world was a world of pure potentiality — of probability waves evolving in accordance with the Schrödinger equation. More precisely, a quantum-mechanical system (e.g., an elementary particle) is a vector in a complex, infinite dimensional Hilbert Space. Beyond this abstract mathematical description, any attempt to impute material attributes to these “particles” is problematic, at best. If they were material particles, they would behave like material particles. They do not. A material particle cannot, for example, exist in multiple locations simultaneously. A material particle does not diffract and interfere with itself like a wave. And the properties of a material particle should not depend intimately upon the observer. Instead, a quantum-mechanical “particle” moves like a non-material wave (evolves unitarily in accordance with the Schrödinger equation), adds like a non-material wave (the quantum superposition principle), and otherwise behaves like a non-material wave (or more precisely, like a vector in Hilbert space).

This wholly conceptual, quantum-mechanical world, and the abstract mathematical laws that govern it, is the nonmaterial, inner mind or “soul” behind outer matter. It is made of the very stuff that thoughts are made of. Mathematical logic alone governs its behavior. This abstract, non-material quantum world underlies, and governs, the outer material universe.

Through the correspondence principle described above, classical, material behavior can be derived as the macroscopic limit of underlying quantum-mechanical principles. The converse is not the case: the deeper, more fundamental quantum-mechanical laws cannot be derived on the basis of classical constructs.

Similarly, the human mind, and the very existence and nature of consciousness, cannot be derived, or even anticipated, on the basis of classical principles. The phenomenon of consciousness will always be enigmatic to classical, material science. The essential nature and characteristics of life, and of consciousness, fly in the face of conventional classical laws — e.g., creating and preserving order in a universe governed by increasing entropy. These and other essential characteristics of consciousness, such as intelligence, creativity, and dynamism, are properties normally associated with quantum mechanics — properties which exist abundantly at finer scales.

Indeed, life derives its special qualities precisely because its roots go deep into the quantum-mechanical realm. The self-perpetuity of life and its ability to preserve order in an environment ruled by disorder is due to the quantum-mechanical nature of DNA, and its stability as a molecule. The abstract nature of the human mind is merely a reflection of the abstract nature of the universe itself at these fundamental scales. Any effort to understand consciousness, and account for its subtle and subjective properties, is destined to fail, unless that analysis itself is rooted in deeper, quantum-mechanical levels of nature.

We have already noted how the material, outer structure of the body mirrors the material, outer structure of the universe; how the atomic, biological, and even astronomical worlds are inscribed in the very structure and function of the human physiology. As a consequence, one can imagine how, at least in principle, the subjective exploration of the human physiology could bring detailed knowledge of the laws of nature governing the material universe.

It is far more striking, however, and more crucial to our understanding of such subjective technologies, how the deeper structure of intelligence reflected in the human mind and consciousness precisely mirrors the deeper, quantum-mechanical levels of intelligence seen in nature. Scientists have long been amazed at how the logical structure of the mind, which takes its most concrete shape in the various mathematical formalisms and theories developed over the past several centuries, precisely mirrors the intelligence displayed throughout nature. These logical, mathematical structures, spawned by the human mind, seem to fit nature like a glove. Physicist Eugene Wigner, honored as the “Father of the Atomic Age,” marveled at what he called the “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the physical sciences.” For Einstein, “the eternal mystery of the universe is its comprehensibility” by the mind.

This remarkable parallel between human intelligence and nature’s intelligence has become far more dramatic with the advent of the superstring, where physicists have pushed the frontier of scientific investigation to the very foundations of the physical universe. With the superstring, more than any previous physical theory, it appears as if every existing human mathematical construct plays a natural role in the description of the superstring and its rich and varied dynamics.

The dynamics within the unified field emits these strings or superstrings which make up everything that we see and know of in our entire known universe including our "souls". The consciousness of God creates these strings which are fundamentally made of one form of divine thought which then combines with dark matter  to form the quarks, gluons, leptons, neutrinos, bosons and all energy for every particle in every atom ( see we are from what there is video, pt 2,3,4,5 ). The strings enter a Quantum-electrodynamic state of vibrational resonnance which then instructs the surrounding dark matter and dark energy to transform itself into holographic type material copies of the information contained within the vibrational frequencies.

The transformation of dark matter and dark energy into sub atomic particles is the result of these strings which start the atomic clock for that particular particle causing it to pop in and out of existence in a "tick" and "tock" like fashion into other dimensions and realities that are entangled with our own. This creation from thought makes our reality into an illusory (illusion) (see Atom video: The illusion of reality) type construct that is seeded by the  infinately dynamic, non material field of self interacting intelligence through vibrational strings; thus making us a reflection of the spoken words in the mind of God (the "string" vibrations are the vocal comparison of a voice constructing the essence of every particle in every atom of every universe. They also represent the "strings" depicted on the "harps" that the baby and the adult looking angels play in many of our artistic renditions of the heavens that we've seen throughout the centuries where religious metaphors in art are found to be related to all the known fields of science).

The dark matter itself takes on the similarities of a (celestial) stem cell which is capable of changing into any cell (particle) because of the information that is put into it. The information in the strings causes the dark matter to change into something else other than ordinary dark matter (this makes what we're made of different from what todays dark matter is made of). The soul and the consciousness are also reflected through the strings that create the wave functions of our conscious (see Quest for Consciouness video) states of existence and  the core soul energy that feeds our conscousness throughout our infinate existence.

The diagram above shows the states of human consciousness Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta as the four levels in physics leading back to the big bang. The unified field at the base of the diagram is the universal consciousness of God, which sparked the expansion of our universe and created the 4 waves of consciousness that now exists in each person. We experience each of these conscious states separately and not all at once which would be the case for an ascended being.

An ascended entity would exist in a world where they are physically real and conscious while relaxed and dreaming at the same time. The entities conscious manifestation of itself would live in a world that would defy all the laws of physics as we know it in a reality based on dream world type mechanics ( see DMT the spirit molecule video) for an entity with all 5 combined states of consciousness after the DMT life/death experience.

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine (also found in many plants) is a molecule that is a distant cousin of Serotonin, it is a neurotransmitter which acts as the visual chemical for the body's third eye and is a highly psychedelic drug . Large amounts of DMT is produced in the pineal gland during the dreaming state of every person on the planet and this gives us an altered state of consciouness that is just as real as the physical world. The pineal gland is also a sensory organ in our brain and in some animals it even has a cornea, lens and retina which gives us the indication that it is also an organ used for sight in our inner mind to help us see light and objects in our dreams as a gateway to the spiritual world.

The dreaming state or spirit walk is the 5th state of consciousness that manifests the light body which has the ability to bring things into existence through the thoughts of the field of consciousness. The light body is born again into another plane of existence as the aether ( see aether theories) of embodiement or 5th element.  The 5th state of consciousness is that of God’s state. It is the key state of consciousness in the unified field that compresses all the other 4 states into one state through the 7 levels of the universe.

The electromagnetic wave of consciousness in an individual makes its way back to the point of origin through the 7 levels of the universe leading to the unified field. Within the light spectrum there are 7 wave colors/frequencies that correspond to the 7 chakras.  Man is a mirror image of the universe in the macrocosm and in the microcosm which is also even reflected in light energy and heat (see human potential video).The apparent contraction and expansion of the wave of consciousness (see below) from beta to delta also show that the mind contracts in a wakeful state and expands in a dreamful state depending on the wave frequency which we also see in the electromagnetic spectrum. The white light frequency lies in the middle of the expansive and contractive state of wakefulness to Gamma while the others down to radio wave are at a expansion state of dreaming which is also reflected in chakra correlations and the light spectrum.

The apparent inversion of the chakra spectrum in comparison to the light spectrum shows that our spectrum is inverted with the red at the base and the rainbow spectrum with its red at the top. This inversion is comparable to the way vision works where the object seen is inverted in the eyes of the viewer but in this case it is upside down in the eyes of God. The ascension process flips the chakra spectrum with a 180 degree spin which then aligns itself with the normal light spectrum configuration.

The ascended consciousness of the individual connects with all of the other 6 waves Microwaves, Radio waves, Infra-Red, Ultra violet, X-rays and Gamma rays to stretch out through the universe as living eternal light.